Murder and National Parole Board

Topics: Murder, Crime, Violent crime Pages: 3 (1302 words) Published: July 22, 2006
Criminals convicted of violent crimes should not be let out back to our society on parole. One of the reasons is because there are numbers of violent criminals that re-offend after they are let back to our society. Another reason is that those committed of serious violent crimes such as murder should not have the right to early parole because they have taken the lives of other people, and they should not be given the chance to go back to society before they finish their sentence. Lastly, not letting these criminals back to society will provide a sense of justice to the victim and the victim¡¦s family members for the pain they have suffered. In order to ensure safety of law-abiding citizens, criminals convicted of violent crimes should not be eligible for parole.

Convicted criminals of violent offenders should not be eligible to go on parole because there are indications they might re-offend. According to a report done by National Parole Board, from the years 1975/1976 to 1998/1999, there were 4131 releases of murder offenders on parole. However, out of those 4131, 13 repeated a homicide offence. Although 13 out of 4131 is not a very high percent, but considering that those 13 lives could have been prevented, it is very high. For those released on supervision, between the years 1975/1976 to 1998/1999, there were 11783 releases of homicide offenders, and out of those 11783 offenders, 37 of them committed a second homicide offence while they were on supervision. In addition, between years 1975-1998, there were about 15266 homicide deaths that were reported to the police. Out of those 15266 deaths, homicide offenders on supervision were responsible for 58 deaths. Not only that, but between the years 1975-1998, 37 homicide offenders under supervision were responsible for 58 deaths.1 Not counting the ones released on supervision, there were 13 that repeated homicides when they were on parole. If those people were not let out on parole, those 13...
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