Murder and Angry Hamlet

Topics: Murder, KILL, Homicide Pages: 2 (697 words) Published: January 6, 2011
Is Hamlet’s Revenge Justified?
I would say, emotionally “Yes” but physically “No”. No matter what, revenge is wrong, as is murder. There is nothing wrong with having a grudge. The angry Hamlet decided to seek revenge for the murder of his father and accomplished this goal. In the play, revenge is killing his uncle, Claudius, who killed Hamlet’s father by pouring poison into his ear, while he was sleeping. I completely understand how Hamlet feels about what Claudius has done to his father. Hamlet has every right to be mad, but he does not have any right to kill Claudius. If my mother were killed by someone, I would resent the person who killed her and want to seek revenge, but I could not bring myself to kill the murderer. I know my mother would not wish me to kill someone, even though that person is a murderer, because she does not want me to be a murderer. I do not even remotely believe that she will show up as a ghost, either. In addition to how my mother feels about the action of killing someone, I could not personally be able to live with murdering someone on my conscience for the rest of my life. Hamlet’s father showed up and delivered a message by saying, “Revenge his foul and most unnatural murder.”(, v, 25) However, he did not specifically ask Hamlet to kill Claudius. No matter how hurt or angered Hamlet is, I do not think that Hamlet had to kill Claudius. Although I do not like the idea of revenge, I believe there was a different way to accomplish his revenge other than killing Claudius. Claudius was a murderer whom Hamlet had a grudge against. However, in reality, Hamlet does same thing what Claudius has done; murder someone. As Claudius is blamed, Hamlet should be blamed as well, as a murderer. Hamlet brought himself down to the same level as his uncle, the murderer of his father. Often times, it is the person who retaliates that is seen as the true culprit or the bad guy. I believe that revenge will only generate more revenge. According to the...
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