Munich Olympics Research Essay

Topics: Olympic Games, Summer Olympic Games, Munich massacre Pages: 6 (2590 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Munich Olympics
The most horrifying event happened in 1972. This has come to be known as the Munich Massacre. It was during the Olympics when eight Arab Terriost decided to invade. This was a worldwide event when most people were looking forward to breaking records but the only thing they were left with was broken hearts. This event is an example of tension that a nation has that causes them to want revenge on another nation. The Munich Massacre was so sudden and no one could really predict that it would happen. Throughout history tension among nations can often lead to tragedy. This was seen during the Munich Olympics in political tensions, terrorist attacks, and the effect the aftermath had on the involved nations. The day to remember is September 5, 1992. The Olympic Games were invaded by five terriost. These Arab Terriost climbed over the wall, and surrounded the village. How they did this was they arrived on the outskirts of Munich and scaled a perimeter fence protecting thousands of athletes sleeping in the Olympic Village. What made them not noticeable was that they had their weapons in their athletic bags, so no one would suspect the threat. Sooner or later, these terriost were met by three other suspects. Then after they got to the Olympic Village were all the professionals slept, the action begun to take place. They stole a key to get into the building, so they had easy access to proceed with their mission. Yossef Gutfreund (who was the wrestling referee) heard a scratch against the door, and heard the door creak a little. He became suspicious and went close to the door and saw it open a little more. So he then turned around to see what’s happening, and he saw guys wearing mask and carrying guns. He then screamed to everyone, for they could get out quick and safe. Right after that Moshe Weinberg (the wrestling coach) heard the scream, and went out to see what’s going on. He saw the intruders, and went for the attack to help the rest of the people escape. Only one of the wrestlers escaped and the rest were transferred into another room. But, Weinberg went for an attack again, except this time, he knocked one of the intruders unconscious and then he stabbed and injured one with a small knife. After he stabbed this intruder, he was shot and killed. But, right after, the referee Gutfreund made an attack and than he also injured an intruder really bad, but he was also shot and killed. After they were killed, the Arab Terriost gathered up nine Israelis to keep as hostage in a room. As, soon as they finished getting the hostages to the other room, they announced that they were Palestinians, and they demanded them to 200 Arab soldiers Israel had, and that they had a safe exit for they won’t get caught with their act there are putting on. They also mentioned that they were from a faction called Black September Then, negotiations took place, the Arab Terriost wanted more than what they could have. The Germans even promised them that they could have how much money they want if they just let them go, but they replied, “money means nothing to us; our lives mean nothing to us” (Munich Massacre).They finally came up with a plan; they would be transported to a helicopter by a bus, than they can get in the helicopter with their hostages and fly to the NATO airbase. When they reach there, they were then allowed to fly to Cairo with their hostages. During this procedures the Germans, thought that there were only five Arab Terriost but there were actually eight, and they then figured out that they didn’t have enough gun men to shoot down the terrorist when they reach the airport. After the helicopter landed at the base, the German sharpshooters started to fire, which lead in a bloody encounter. Then, one of the biggest media mistakes happened. They were mistakenly informed that they were safe, and that the hostages were fine, but this wasn’t true. About an hour later, they had to report that the battle was still going on, and...
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