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Topics: Culture, Indigenous peoples, Indigenous peoples of the Americas Pages: 2 (617 words) Published: October 13, 2014
Forum: General Assembly 3
Topic: Addressing the issue of the implementation of the declaration on Indigenous rights Main submitter: Cyprus
Brief History:
What are indigenous people? Indigenous people are the first people of the land, they are culturally, historically related to the original nations of the land before settlement. They normally preserve a degree of cultural and political separation from the mainstream culture and political system of the nation state within the border of which the indigenous group is located. The indigenous people of America, are the pre-Columbian inhabitants, the indigenous people are in both south north, and Central America. Basically an indigenous person, is someone who was native to the land or region, especially before invasion. Approximately there are 370 million indigenous people in the whole universe, 5,000 different groups, in 90 countries worldwide. Indigenous people live in every province of the world, but about 70% of them live in Asia. There is a proper definition of the word “Indigenous” many of have the same characteristics, which include. They tend to have small populations relative to the main culture of their country, but in some places like Bolivia and Guatemala, happen to have more than half the population as Indigenous people. They usually have their own language. These days, Indigenous people speak about 4000 different languages. They have unique cultural traditions which are still practiced. They have their own land and territory, to which they are tied in numerous ways. Examples of Indigenous Peoples are the “Inuit of the Arctic”, Native Americans, hunter-gatherers in the Amazon, and tribal peoples in the Philippines. The Indigenous people:

Indigenous people are a significant and are an important part of humanity. Their heritage, their ways of life, their stewardship of this planet, and their solar insights are an invaluable treasure house for us all. In every region of the world, many...
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