Mun Opening Speech Freedom of Religion

Topics: Christianity, Romania, Hate speech Pages: 1 (273 words) Published: September 6, 2013
Opening Speech

Good morning fellow delegates and chair,
Romania has generalized freedom of religion in its country, and created two different groups of religion based on their size and if they are recognized internationally or not. The smaller unrecognized religion could more often than not be recognized as cults or sects, which is what Romania is trying to combat. Romanian Orthodox believers comprise of 86.8 percent of the population. Roman Catholics make up 4.7 percent of the population, while Greek Catholics are less than 1 percent. Romania believes that in both freedom of speech and freedom of religion there are some limits to which an individual has no right to cross. Romania is part of the 16th country where denial of the Holocaust is illegal. This is also a main reason for the rejection of small or large cults as they often reject horrors, and classify them as false information. Romania has limitations on the freedom of speech, which follow the harm principle, and apply to the case of hate speeches. There are currently 18 recognized religions in Romania, which get support from the state, according to their representation in the yearly census, plus they have the right to establish schools, teach religion in public schools where they have a number of adherents, receive government funds to build churches, pay clergy salaries and housing expenses with state funds, broadcast religious programming on radio and television, apply for broadcasting licenses, have cemeteries, and enjoy tax-exempt status. The delegate fairly hopes that all the nations in this council will come to a peaceful agreement, and that a rich conclusion will ensue.
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