multivariate analysis

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Yepeng Liang
Math 6304
Comparison the Performance of Engineer Apprentices and Pilots Task:
Engineer apprentices and pilots had 6 same given tests. The task is to test if these two groups had significant differences which means whether or not they were going to perform the same or nearly the same if giving their same jobs or giving their same missions. Brief Conclusion:

We can conclude that engineer apprentices and pilots will perform different in comprehensive jobs. But when the jobs are only including intelligence and coordination, then they act like the same. So the actual stimulus in the test comes from form relations, dynamometer, dotting and perseveration. Although we had already known intelligence and sensory motor coordination do not contribute a great effort to the whole test, I still get the further study of each test, which comes out intelligence and coordination will not apply any differences either, and the importance for the rest tests arrange according by the contribution degree is dynamometer, form relations, perseveration and dotting. Question Summary:

Twenty engineer apprentices and twenty pilots were given six tests (Travers 1939). The variables were Y1=intelligence y4=dotting y2=form relations y5=sensory motor coordination y3=dynamometer y6= perseveration The data are recorded in the table below.

Data analysis:
Since these two dataset were independent and following normal distribution, but the variances are unknown. For this kind of case, we see 6 variables are measured on each sampling unit in two samples. First thing came into my mind was to conduct a hypothesis test for the difference between two sample means. And we wish to test: H0: µ1=µ2 vs. H1: µ1≠µ2 .The mean vectors and the pooled covariance matrices of the two samples are Y1BAR

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