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What problems does multitouch technology solve?
Helps people with disabilities - Helps autistic students to speak to and communicate with others. •allows people who can’t grasp a mouse to access the functionality of a traditional PC by using a finger or a stylus instead. •Minimize clutter with portable device - Such as the Android operating systems for smartphones has support for multi-touch. Users can manage emails, contacts, calendars and hold virtual meetings through a built-in webcam and microphone. • “Haptic” touch gives users the feeling and sensation of pressing a button on a screen. That’s helpful for the hearing impaired or blind people. • Multi-touch gestures are easier to remember than keyboard commands. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a multitouch interface? How useful is it? Explain. Advantages :

Collaborative use - before the multitouch technology was invented, even with computer display connected to an external projector and another mouse, it was impossible for more than one person to make edits when pulling together a PowerPoint presentation. There is now an operating system that would support a minimum of dual input for “group conversations” on a single workstation. Made editing easier as more than one person can make edits to a project or presentations at the same time. •More versatile than single-touch interfaces - as opposed to the single-touch screen, which recognizes only one touch point. Multitouch interface allows one or more fingers to perform gestures to manipulate objects. •Multi touch gestures are easier to remember than commands - Based on ingrained human movement that do not have to be learned. touch is ideal for consuming/presenting information. Because it is a more natural interface, it increases user productivity. •You don’t need tools anymore, just your hands. Hands are the best tools we have as humans. Tools make our lives easier, just as the phone or mobile device itself makes communication easier....
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