Multitasking Can Make You Lose, By Alina Tugend

Topics: Source, Text messaging, Non-profit organization Pages: 4 (933 words) Published: January 29, 2018

When I first read Alina Tugend’s Multitasking Can Make You Lose… Um… Focus, I had to sit back and think of all the times I have tried to multitask, and how sometimes they did not turn out that well. Then, I reread her article, without listening to music in the background this time, and I tried to focus as much as I could. When I started to analyze her work, I noticed one major issue, at least for me, in her writing: She only wrote about the smaller things. What I mean, is that if she really was concerned about some of the issues she wrote about, she should have used stronger evidence, and made more of an emotional tie to it. While Tugend brought up many compelling points, she focussed too much on the small details, and completely skipped over the most important evidence.
In today’s society, if we see the initials “DR” before someone's name, most of the time, we automatically believe everything he or she says....

She informs the reader that a person's reaction time is thirty five percent slower than normal when sending a text while driving. She then follow ups with informing the reader that the texting while driving reaction time is slower that driving under the influence of alcohol or marijuana. However, Tugend skips over the main repercussion of texting while driving: death. Texting while driving can lead to death. That does not mean it will happen everytime, or that death will only come to the driver who is sending the text, but it is a true statement. Someone who is sending a text while driving can kill not only themselves, but those around them, whether that be another driver on the road, a pedestrian on the sidewalk, or even a passenger sitting a seat away from them. If Tugend would have included a story about someone losing their life over texting while driving, the report could have made more of an impact, rather than just a simple thought of, “Do I multitask too...
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