Multiple Source Essay

Topics: Debut albums, John F. Kennedy, Vietnam War Pages: 1 (250 words) Published: June 3, 2013
Thesis: Jimmy Cross’ character appears to be very immature and carry unbearable weight but overcomes by changing himself. I. Jimmy Cross represents deep effect on those who are immature to handle it. A. Jimmy’s love for Martha.

B. Jimmy’s responsibility toward war.
II. After immaturities, he also carries unbearable weight on his back. A. Never ending love for Martha.
B. Lavender’s death.
III. In last, after Lavender’s death, he decides to change himself. A. He is going to forget Martha.
B. He also going to focus on his leadership.
Conclusion: “The Things They Carried” poses many aspects and angles of the emotional and physical burdens the soldiers carry during the war. After Ted Lavender dies, Jimmy Cross burns all of Martha's letters and photographs. He knows it is just a gesture, but he does it anyway. He decides to hate Martha, while loving her at the same time. He decides that he is not going to be distracted by her anymore. He is going to crack down on the men. No matter what the men think, he is going to be a real leader from now on.

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