Multiple Routing Configuration

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INTERNATIONAL of Computer Engineering and Technology (IJCET), ISSN 0976 – International Journal JOURNAL OF COMPUTER ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY (IJCET)
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A.S.Tamboli (Asst. Professor)
Dept. of Information Technology
Annasaheb Dange College of Engineering and

Ms. B.A.Jadhawar(Asst. Professor)
Dept. of Information Technology
Annasaheb Dange College of Engineering
and Technology,Ashta

As we know today’s world surrounded with internet and internet is the most important part of the communication, but some routing protocols are work slow for recover link or node. So we introduce new routing protocol called as “Multiple Routing Configuration” (MRC). MRC protocol gives the guarantees for recovering both failed nodes and failed links, works without knowing the root cause of failure of node or links. MRC is connectionless and forward packet Hop-by-Hop. MRC keeps information of routing, and allow to forward packet through shortest alternate link after the failure. Using MRC we also can reduce the traffic on network and also reduce the time of forwarding packet after failure. Keywords: Routing, multiple routing, shortest Path

Today’s Internet is so fast, central and it covers large area every day. The main problem of the internet to fast recover from the failure. There are many protocols to forward packet after the failure of links and nodes but they work after the failure such as BGP and IGP. In this case, packet can drop during the failure. The both protocols can give a more time to detect the failure, to send the NACK message to source and calculate the shortest path for the specific Destination. IGP is a slow process, it is reactive and global because it reacts after the failure arises and it can involves all the nodes in the network. In case of MRC is a proactive and local because it can stores the additional information of routing in the nodes and send the packet hop-by-hop from previous node of failure node by shortest path. These shortest paths are already calculated so the time for calculating shortest path is minimised after the failure, means the time for recover the node is reduced. MRC working without knowing the root cause of the failure such as node failure or link failure.


International Journal of Computer Engineering and Technology (IJCET), ISSN 0976 – 6367(Print), ISSN 0976 – 6375(Online) Volume 3, Issue 3, October-December (2012), © IAEME

MRC builds a set of backup routing configurations that are used to route the packet on alternate path after failure. The backup configuration is different from original network configuration. In observation, If traffic on a link is high then traffic doesn’t routed through that link or node.

MRC scheme is based on three steps. First, create a set of backup configurations for each and every node; forward the packet using one of this after the failure of node or link. Second, for calculating shortest path use the OSPF for each backup configuration and create forward table for each configuration. Finally, design a packet forwarding process that shows the advantage of backup configurations to facilities fast recovery from a component failure. III. CREATE BACKUP CONFIGURATIONS

MRC configuration is based on network topology; network topology is like a graph, with collection of nodes and unidirectional links. It gives the guarantee fault tolerance; the network topology graph must be bi-connected. Each link having the weight, this weight necessary for deciding the node is isolated, restricted or normal....

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