Multiple Intelligence

Topics: Theory of multiple intelligences, Intelligence, Learning Pages: 3 (1004 words) Published: January 25, 2010
Multiple Intelligence-Final Essay
Everybody learns differently:
In groups with other people
At once/repeatedly
Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences
Like to do
Good at…
Learn best by...
Logical & Mathematical
Visual & Spatial
Bodily & Kinesthetic
Learning Profiles
My profile
My age/country profile
Summary and resources
Multiple Intelligence
Final Essay
As human beings we all learn differently. Some people learn fast while others learn slowly. Others can only learn when they are in groups with other people with the same objectives. Relatively, people that are able to learn quickly, tend to understand something all at once. However, those that learn slowly tend to learn something by constant repetition. There are several different types of multiple intelligences. In his book, “Frames of Mind”, Howard Gardner (1983) shows us that there are eight different types of intelligences. The Linguistic intelligence involves ones ability to read, write, and communicate with words. Linguistic learners are good at reading, writing and telling stories. They are also good at memorizing names, places, dates and have a good sense of trivia. Their best way to learn is by saying, hearing and seeing words. They are nicknamed “The Word Player”. Logical and Mathematical intelligence has to do with a person’s ability to look for patterns, reason and think in a logical manner. It is often associated with scientific thinking. Logical learners often like to experiment, figure things out, work with numbers. They ask questions when they don’t understand, explore patterns and relationship. These learners are good at math, reasoning logic and problem solving. They learn best by categorizing and classifying information. They work with...
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