Multiple Choice Questions on Hiring and Managing Employees

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Chapter 17
Hiring and Managing Employees


50.Which of these is the process of staffing a company and ensuring that employees are as productive as possible? a.Staffing policy
b.Human resource management
d.Human resource planning

51.International human resource management differs from human resource management in a domestic setting in which of these ways? a.Managing compensation
b.Accommodating expatriates
c.Providing training and development
d.All of the above

52.Citizens of one country who are living and working in another are called ________. a.locals
b.expatriates country nationals

53.The customary means by which a company staffs its offices is called its ________. a.human resource policy
b.recruitment policy
c.staffing policy
d.selection policy

54.Which of these is NOT an approach to staffing international business operations? a.Ethnocentric

55.Individuals from the home country manage operations outside the home country in which kind of staffing? a.Ethnocentric

56.Which of the following statements is false?
a.Ethnocentric staffing appeals to companies that want to maintain tight control over decision making in branch offices abroad. b.Ethnocentric companies formulate policies designed to work in every county in which they operate. c.Ethnocentrism is usually pursued at all levels of an organization. d.When a company uses ethnocentric staffing, individuals from the home country manage operations abroad.

57.An ethnocentric staffing policy is most appropriate for ________. management positions
b.mid-level management positions
c.lower-level management positions
d.all management levels

58.Which of these appeals to companies wanting tight control over decision making in branch offices abroad? a.Ethnocentric

59.Firms pursue ethnocentric staffing for all the following reasons EXCEPT ________. re-create local operations in the image of home-country operations b.when locally qualified people are not available eliminate of the high cost of relocating expatriate managers and families d.when they want managers sent from home to look out for the company’s interests

60.An ethnocentric staffing strategy ________.
a.can facilitate the transfer of special knowledge a fairly cheap policy to implement
c.allows a company to “blend in” with the local market d.none of the above

61.Which of these is a drawback of ethnocentric staffing?
a.Expensive to relocate managers
b.Potentially losing control of the host-country operations c.Potentially losing control of the home-country operations d.Re-location of local operations in the image of home-country operations

62.Operations outside the home country are managed by individuals from the host country in ________ staffing. a.geocentric

63.Companies that want to give national units a degree of autonomy in decision making could choose a(n) ________ staffing policy. a.geocentric

64.Companies can implement polycentric staffing for ________. and mid-level managers
b.lower-level staff
c.nonmanagerial workers
d.all of the above

65.An important advantage of polycentric staffing is it ________. local operations in the image of...
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