Multiple Choice Questions about Medisoft

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1 Which of these is a collection of related pieces of information? A) provider network
B) disk
C) file
D) database

2 Transactions are entered in Medisoft via the
A) File menu
B) Reports menu
C) Tools menu
D) Activities menu

3 In Medisoft, what are the shortcuts for frequently used menu commands? A) tabs
B) buttons
C) clickers
D) markers

4 Medisoft will ask for a confirmation before
A) adding data
B) editing data
C) saving data
D) deleting data

5 Most dates are entered in Medisoft using the ____ format. A) MMDDCCYY

6 How many different methods of changing the date in the program are available in Medisoft? A) zero
B) one
C) two
D) three

7 Which of the following is not a type of help in Medisoft? A) built-in
B) online
C) physician contacts
D) hints

8 The extra copy of data files made at a specific point in time is known as A) restored data
B) backup data
C) saved data
D) packed data

9 Which of the following is a feature provided by Medisoft to assist in maintaining data files stored in a system? A) purge data
B) recalculate balances
C) rebuild indexes
D) all of the above

10 The process of deleting files of patients who are no longer seen by a provider in a practice is called A) purging data
B) rebuilding indexes
C) recalculating balances
D) packing data

11 What determines which areas of the program a particular user can access, and whether that user can only view data or has rights to enter or edit data? A) access rights
B) employee level
C) physician status
D) all of the above
1 A database is a collection of related pieces of information. A) True
B) False

2 In Medisoft, commands can be issued only by clicking options on the menus. A) True
B) False

3 The toolbar contains a series of buttons with icons that represent the most common activities performed in Medisoft. A) True
B) False

4 The...
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