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West Chester Off Site MBA

Instructor: Paul Bergé
Office Hours: by appointment.
E-mail address:; or
Phone: 871 6657, Fax: 672 9679

Required Text: Fred Luthans, Jonathan P. Doh. 2009. International Management: Culture, Strategy, and Behavior. Seventh Edition. Irwin McGraw-Hill Publishers.

Cases and articles from the popular business press distributed by the instructor in class. In addition, students are expected to be familiar with current international business issues as reported in the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times and Business Week.

The mission of the Williams College of Business (WCB) appears below: “We educate students of business, enabling them to improve organizations and society, consistent with the Jesuit tradition.”

“The primary objective of this course is to provide you with a framework for understanding issues related to multinational management. Changes in the global business environment continue at an accelerated pace. The challenges for multinational management reflect this dynamism and the increasing unpredictability of global economic and political events. The challenge in today’s uncertain geopolitical and economic environment is to learn and effectively practice multinational management. Past assumptions must always be tested and challenged, and best practices will continuously evolve in response to changing environmental and competitive conditions. Those with the knowledge and skills to apply the contents of this course multinational management will be taking a huge step toward gaining a competitive advantage over those who do not have such a perspective. They will be in a strong position to gain a broad understanding and to take specific steps for implementation of effective managing across cultures. Of special importance is that students of multinational management understand what will be expected of them from the range of stakeholders with whom they interact.

Classroom activities will include presentation and discussion of theories, case analyses and problem-solving activities. Extensive attention will be given topics related to doing business in foreign countries, based on personal experiences.

Your evaluation is based upon the quality of your class participation, group presentations, project, exam and individual reports. The percentage weight given to each component is: Class Attendance & Participation14%

Toyota data collection & presentation10%
Group Case Presentation & Report15%
Individual reports21%
Final Team Project25%

Class Attendance and Participation (Includes participation in in-class group activities) The course objectives and format are centered on your preparation for and participation in class. Please treat this class as a workshop for honing your skills in issues concerning multinational management. Your class participation should demonstrate: (1) evidence of careful preparation of cases and readings; (2) clarity and conciseness of your recommendations; and (3) strong and convincing analysis to support your recommendations. Attendance is mandatory. Your attendance, preparation, and active involvement in class will be assessed. Adequate performance on individual assignments and case analyses will not be possible without regular class attendance and involvement. You are expected to read all assignments and cases prior to class and to actively participate in class discussions.

Attendance will be taken at the beginning of the class, and at the end of class.

If you miss one class session, or part of a class session, your final course grade will be “round downward” by one letter grade. An absence of more than one class during the semester will result in an F grade for the course, unless...
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