Multinational Business Corporations Gaining More Power in Society

Topics: Corporation, Political philosophy, Government Pages: 3 (861 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Multinational Business Corporations Gain More Power

Multinational Business Corporations Gain More Power
The world is entering a period where corporations are gaining more power in society. Multinational business corporations will ultimately become more powerful than the government. Corporations influence decisions made by the government by providing campaign funding and lobbying. Businesses strive to satisfy their consumers’ wants and needs far well than the government strives to satisfy the wants of its population. Financial crisis and recession can begin in areas where jobs provided by corporations are lost, granting businesses power over the job market and gross domestic product. This essay will address how corporations are gaining power because of the relationship they share with the government, capability to keep consumers satisfied, and by providing the country with numerous job opportunities. Corporations share a reciprocal relationship with the government, which some may consider legal bribery. They provide campaign funding and in return receive permission for their business ventures. This leaves voices of the average citizen unheard and/or ignored. For example, water has been contaminated in areas where businesses were granted permission to eliminate toxic waste. “State regulators in Pennsylvania are allowing millions of barrels of toxic, cancer-causing waste to be dumped directly into waterways that are the source of drinking water for millions of people” (Caruso, 2011). Local residents’ complaints were ignored for the benefit of funds provided by companies thus giving corporations more power than the public. Although state regulators claim the water is safe to drink, the “wastewater contains cancer-causing chemicals as well as barium, which causes high blood pressure, and radium, which is radioactive” (Caruso, 2011). Therefore, corporations can buy power from the government regardless of the negative effects it may have on human life....

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