Multimedia Journalism: Problems & Prospects

Topics: News, News agency, Statistical hypothesis testing Pages: 33 (8791 words) Published: July 29, 2011
News is the abbreviation of the four directions-North, East, West and South, meaning that it covers all the events happening around us. News provides information which enhances knowledge. It is the right of a human being to know what is happening around him/her. Throughout time, the journalism industry has gone through several changes. At the beginning, there were only weekly magazines providing readers with information and knowledge about the society, and then came the daily newspapers which provide all the happenings in our country and abroad. After that came the TV which provided audiences to view as well as listen the news and then came the internet which gave birth to online news allowing people to get news over the internet irrespective of where the person is located. Now, online news is being taken one step further, the news agencies in Bangladesh will provide news bulletins like those in TV along with the text on the website. This is done to allow the audience to see the news anytime along with reading the news report. Hopefully, people will accept this initiative and allow the journalism industry to go through a change.

What is Multimedia Journalism?
Multimedia journalism is a new form of news reporting which includes a print or online story supplemented by some other form of media that is more interactive than just the text. Stories or reports in multimedia journalism require additional skills from journalists, but provide readers with more choices to interact and be informed. If the readers choose to read the articles only, they can do so. However, the readers can also watch the supplemental video and be on the scene with the reporter, or listen to sound clips taken at the scene. In this way, the stories or articles become more enjoyable and may help some readers better understand an issue. In addition, with the help of multimedia journalism readers may save time by watching a two-minute video clip instead of taking five minutes to read an article.

Objectives of the Study
The objective of my research is to find out whether this multimedia journalism can overcome the challenges. Challenges in multimedia journalism can be in the form of readers’ acceptability of the news report. The journalists have to provide people all the information in a report. The readers/viewers have the right to know all the information. The news must be delivered to the audience at the shortest possible time. In my project, I conducted a survey to get the data needed to prove that although at present this multimedia journalism has some challenges, but its potential will take to the doorstep of success in the future. Multimedia journalism will be beneficial to the people in large because it will help to transfer accurate information quickly to all in all places which is everybody’s right. Through my research, I hope to find whether this new type of media can overcome the challenges at present and revolutionize the journalism industry. I also want to find out whether the people in Bangladesh appreciate this multimedia journalism or reject this.

Significance of the Study
The reason I have chosen this topic is that the type of news we are providing to the public is difficult in the sense that we have to go to the scene and gather information using video camera like TV journalism and at the same time we have to prepare report for the website. Therefore we are preparing the same news for two types of media. This is difficult to implement because the internet infrastructure in Bangladesh is less developed than other developed countries, even the neighboring countries. However, if the challenges in this type of journalism like accuracy of information, immediate updates, delivery of news at the shortest possible time are overcome then this would benefit the journalism industry as news can be updated frequently compared to the conventional news medium. The NRBs living abroad would also benefit from multimedia journalism...
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