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Project Report



Introduction of Multimedia

“Multimedia can be defined as the technology engaging a variety of media, including text, audio, video, graphics and animation either separately or in combination, using computer to communicate ideas or to disseminate information.”

Multimedia programming or multimedia authoring is the final stage of multimedia project production. The most important phase of multimedia project design and development because the out put of the phase will be the finally render title that will be replicated and introduced in the market. All alterations, modifications, revision, reconsiderations and redesigning ends with this phase. Creatures of Jurassic period though their time frame is unimaginable, are coming alive on the sliver screen with their huge roars and fusses. The jet fighters seen to fly right above the heads in the new CD games and professional quality music is issuing out of the serious business. Multimedia is no more a fancy, but a mandatory.

Multimedia Programming V/S Multimedia Authoring

Multimedia authoring refers to that process of developing a multimedia project, using specialized packages and utilities exclusively meant for this purpose. The developing of a multimedia project title, using VC++ or developing a graphics editing software package like Paint Shop Pro can be called as multimedia programming. Developing a multimedia project title using Asymetrix’s “Multimedia Tool box” can be Multimedia Authoring.

Multimedia software project, using any typical programming environment/ Language or tool (mostly GUI) and making use of various media files and integrate them. It doesn’t demand expert programming skills or knowledge for project development.

Step that precede Multimedia Authoring Process

The final form of story board containing all interface designs, Nav Map structures and all the details-approved by the project leader should be ready. The media contents to be used in the Initial screens or frames like the background Graphics/Digital Audio etc… must be ready. As the Authoring process proceeds rest of the media contents can be developed. Decisions on which authoring environment / package to use have been finalized after all considerations.

Authoring Methodologies

Authoring tool, package, environment or platform uses some fundamental methodology, for developing the multimedia project. Some tools, even offer the flexibility to switch over from one methodology to another whenever the need arises.

Frame or Page based Authoring Tools.
Time based Authoring Tools and
Icon based Authoring Tools

Characteristics of Authoring Tools

Media Handling Features
Bundled Media Library
Mapping Features
Programming Features and Environment
Segmentation Functionality
Compilation feature and Runtime players
Media Embedding feature

Project Designing and Development – Various Facets
General Content Design / Development
Navigation Structure Design / Development
Media Content Design / Development
Interface Design / Development
Storyboarding Techniques,
Program Development or Authoring and
Delivery Design / Development.

General Content Design / Development
Data Collection,
Data Analysis and Filtering,
Data Arrangement and Sequence and
Data Verification.

Navigation Structure Design / Development
The general content sequence developed in the earlier phase of multimedia project design, must now be rearranged to suit the multimedia application development environment. This process, specifically called ‘Mapping’ or ‘Navigation Mapping’ result in what’s called a “Navigation Map’ or ‘Nav Map’. Linear Structure,

Hierarchal Structure,
Non- Linear Structure and

Media Content Design and Development
Audio Clipses, Graphics, Animation and Video Clipses developed for a particular project, can be called as media content.
Audio vs....
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