Multifaceted Science of Psychology

Topics: Psychology, Mind, Sigmund Freud Pages: 3 (883 words) Published: February 8, 2008
The Multi-faceted Science of Psychology
Brenita Norwood
University of Phoenix

The Multifaceted Science of Psychology

The science of Psychology is ever changing. Each time this scientific community thinks that it has found a good answer to some of life's greatest questions, something new arises. With each decade there is another view point or an alternate theory offered to express or explain a particular behavior or finding. Through all the diversities and moderations the basic approaches to Psychology remain the same.

The science of Psychology is said to be "at the intersection of biology and culture. (Kowalski and Westin). Of the major approaches to understanding the human condition, the behavioral neuroscience has and underlying vein in all of these approaches. Biopsychology investigates the physical interaction of the brain and body when such things as life experiences both good and bad, stress and other emotional events. For example, per the "clinical biophysical model (CBM) the two cortices o be two semi-independent minds….whichever side can best respond to an ongoing situation is the side that assumes control and coordination of an ensuing response" (Moss 2007). This theory helps to explain the reactions people may have after trauma to the body or head. It also helps to explain how people deal with emotional pain and trauma in different ways when the same stimuli may be introduced .

Conversely, cross cultural psychology test the reactions of humans across different cultural plains. Rather than using what is universal in humans-(we all have brains)-this approaches seeks to discern what is universally true for all cultures and what is true for a particular group of people. In this approach questions pertaining to cultural differences such as the peace and subdued demeanor of the Asian culture verses the gregarious Western culture. This approach can help us understand protocols of other cultures and their reactions to our customs...

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