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Multicultural Field Trip
(Statue entering the center)

Here in my area of California there are many choices to choose from for my field trip to a cultural center. After searching online I decided on the WorldBeat Cultural Center located in San Diego California at 2100 Park Blvd San Diego 92101. I knew I had chosen a good site when before I even entered the center as I heard beating of drums in a mesmerizing rhythm while still parking my car. The name WorldBeat was fitting. Until this assignment I was under the impression that a cultural center was much like a nature center where you have displays of surrounding items found and displayed with origin information cards. The WorldBeat Cultural Center is a non-profit multi-disciplinary cultural organization in San Diego, California in Balboa Park.

I walked in on a practice session of African Drum and Dance. Included in this essay are photos of the inside of the Cultural Arts Center and the session I was delighted to stay for. In celebration for Black History month which is celebrated here in the United States in February (African American History Month, 2014), the center was having a practice of the drums and dance in preparation for a live performance. Outside of the center the building was not typical in the center of San Diego, this building had a tremendous amount of character painted on the outside walls in the form of murals and was shaped round. As you walk around the building you see a little piece of the ethnic make up of this cultural center. “Ethnic culture forms the basis of every national culture.” (Navasaitienė & Perkumienė, 2009).

The WorldBeat Cultural Center is definitely a multi-disciplinary cultural organization as displayed the variety of different flags flying above the performance area. Another observation in the area of multicultural was as I was touring the center I noticed in the group practicing the African Drum and Dance performance were African, White, Hispanic and...

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