Multicultural Workforce

Topics: Culture, Employment, Bill Gates Pages: 2 (572 words) Published: January 22, 2011
“In the United States, the population has continued to grow more racially and ethnically diverse in the last decades and this diversity is now reflected in the work place” (Anonymous,2002, n.d.). Diversity is essential in today’s workforce. A multicultural workforce encourages creativity and increases productivity. Every culture has a different view regarding religion, race, dress, language, traditions, gestures, and body language. Diversity enables employees of different cultures to communicate within a global economy. Companies whose workforce consists of employees who speak several languages have an edge over the competition.

Customers feel at ease when they are able to communicate with an employee that speaks their native tongue. Many disputes are successfully handled when an employee is able to translate the customer’s needs. Employers are reminded of the importance of recruiting employees with multicultural backgrounds when a lawsuit arises. Customers will first seek the assistance of an employee with their cultural background. Employees with strong skills and experiences are an excellent source of information for customers and fellow employees. Employees benefit from gathering feedback from fellow employees regarding their knowledge of cultural differences. Knowing how to communicate with people regardless of their cultural background is crucial for success in a global economy.

People from diverse cultures offer a different perspective regarding issues and creativity within the workforce. It is important for the success of the company that all employees feel valued. An atmosphere that provides the freedom to express opinions opens the door to employees who may otherwise feel intimidated because of a language barrier. Companies benefit when hiring U.S. citizens and immigrants who are educated and experts in their field. Immigrants from other countries that move to the United States for work stimulate the U.S economy. One such company,...

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