Multicultural Health Care Setting.

Topics: Health care, Healthcare, Nursing Pages: 4 (1009 words) Published: May 22, 2013
Q1. To address the problems provide at least five (5) culturally competent care to actively partake in the multicultural health care setting.

Now days, multicultural populations in other states were offering new challenges in the provision of culturally competent care by critical care nurses. If the provision of the best possible care for all patients is the goal, critical care nurses must have expertise and skill in the delivery of culturally appropriate and culturally competent nursing care. Nurses must be cultural competent before going abroad for them to be able to deliver nursing care that will allow effective interactions and the development of appropriate responses to persons from diverse cultures, races and ethnic backgrounds. Filipino nurses were overworked and underpaid in their own country, which is believed the reason that prods nurses to migrate.

One main reason why Filipino nurses work abroad is to have a better future, where ever it may be, beside, most of Filipino nurses were somehow oriented about the culture of other states. They thought that it is better to shift gears for success rather waiting for nothing until they will got old. The principle of each and every Filipino nurses that works abroad, which is to have a better life in days to come is always proven, and the effectiveness of hard work and patience will always have the good result, and a better way of living that will bring them in each sweat that they done best, one of the good factor in working abroad is having the assurance to the successful, if one will do their best to do their best to pursue the dreamed to have a better life.

Every Filipino nurses before going abroad must possess cultural awareness, cultural knowledge, cultural skill, cultural encounter and cultural desire.

Q2. How can the revealed problems of nurses affect the changing practices in the multicultural health settings?

Being in new country can be challenging because of the link between...
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