Topics: Emotion, Feeling / Pages: 2 (478 words) / Published: Nov 10th, 2014
In the service of social harmony, politeness often discourages the expression of negative emotions even if they are felt and encourages the expression of positive emotions even if they aren't felt. I completely agree with this statement as I have often observed people responding in this manner. We have been always taught to be nice to others even if they do us bad or say something nasty but I feel that it limits the freedom of speech and also you are not being true to yourself and to the other person. Not telling the person how you truly feel and sugar coating the words does more harm to your relationship that telling the person honestly. It might look like an easy route to not look like a mean or bad person or not to hurt the other person’s feeling but keeping how you truly feels inside you and just saying good things makes you more negative and eventually the true feelings will come out and things will turn really ugly then.
I am the captain of a dance organization and over the years being a general member and then heading the organization, I have dealt with various leaders and one thing I learnt from other leaders mistake was that in order to not spoil the mood those people did not point the members that were slacking and made excuses to skip practices and when it became too much to handle, all that complaint that they had come out in the form of anger all at once and people quit the organization as they felt that the leader was too rude. Now if people are slacking, I tell them straight to their face that such behavior is not acceptable for the organization and if they are really interested they should show some dedication. Keeping all the issues and complaints inside me makes me an irritated person and I don’t like to be that. No matter if the person likes my remarks; I still make it a point to tell them how I honestly feel and that ways I stay true to myself and the other person. Therefore in my opinion social harmony is not just showing only positive

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