Multicultural Ethical Psychology

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Multicultural Ethical Psychology

Abstract: The significance of multicultural counseling is the necessity of addressing ethical issues from current and previous societal changes. A review of literature provides valuable data with respect to multicultural diversity challenging the field of psychology today. This perspective includes social aspects regarding the implication and changes in relationship to racial, ethnic and linguist differences of multicultural counseling, that is significantly altering cooperate America, and the commitment of the American Psychological Association in meeting this challenge from an ethical perspective. In addition, a review of the APA guidelines, that interprets the goals of the practitioner providing services to a diverse population from an ethical viewpoint (American Psychological Association 2002). Including challenges of understanding other cultural beliefs, values and lifestyles, and ethical practices, which differ from western American culture (Sue, Arredondo, & McDavis, 1992)?

Review of Literature

A review of the APA guidelines and ethical principles of cultural diversity, ethnic, racial, and the role of the practitioner in terms of multicultural competency as previously discussed by (Sue et al., 1992) with a rationale and motive of applying several criteria that assists the professional in terms of training, and education purposes of multicultural counseling. This concern is significant in terms of the shift in our society, since diversity is the focus of the need for multicultural understanding and requires changes in the philosophical method of the counseling approach. In order to provide ethical therapeutic intervention, the practitioner's knowledge of other cultural beliefs, values, morals and lifestyle are necessary in providing adequate and ethical services. Certainly, this area challenges the field of psychology since diversity also brings differing behaviors that perhaps viewed as unethical according western norm. Moreover the implications of the professionals own biases, and beliefs that conflict from an ethical perspective.

The apparent need for change previously illustrated in the APA guidelines (1990) definitively represents the purpose that psychologists need to address social issues and their own biases in terms of diversity. Considering culture, race, ethnicity, or linguistic differences in western society is definitely a growing multicultural population. This shift includes addressing competencies from a socioeconomic and mental health profession the adoption and creation of the guidelines plays a significant role in promoting ethical changes in the methodology in which professionals in the field of psychology provide ethical services. In addition to the revisions adopted by the APA Code of Ethics Preamble E, goes on to further emphasize the importance of providers to address the issues of cultural diversity (American Psychological Association 2002). It also represents possible ethical misunderstandings in terms of the customary method of practice geared to the western American culture. This research endeavor hopes to provide the challenges and progress in the area of multicultural service delivery in a diversified western American culture. In addition, to the ethical revisions provided by the American Psychological Association as well as the adoption of these revisions by the American Counseling Association which currently sets the competencies and guidelines of multicultural practices (APA 2002). Although, this is a marked improvement, it does not mean that the guidelines are mandatory since multicultural affiliation does not affect all professionals in the field of psychology. Considering the ethical perspectives and standards of practice mandated by the American Psychological Association (2002) Ethical principles of psychologist and code of conduct, it seems the area of multicultural practice continues in its western ways. Previous research alludes to...

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