Multicultural Diversity

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Cultural Diversity
SOC. 315

Cultural Diversity
History of American is the way it is because of the contribution of the multicultural society of the different ethnic groups. The immigration of the ethnic groups brought different cultures to the land of American and bringing the difficulties of stereotyping and discrimination. Each group's culture had constructed an identity based on their abilities which created the U.S. society of today. Every culture has its own identity, historical facts of slavery, and crimes to reach the United States and gaining a social class. The measures that were taken by these groups led to the stereotypes that were defined as generalization about the various groups that do not take into perspective the individual differences. The stereotypes that were given to the groups are not as accurate as everyone thinks it should be. As an example, Italians are associated with the 'mafia" or criminal gangsters and African Americans were stereotyped to be slaves.

In the last three centuries ethnic groups are considered to be minorities in the United States. Reverse discrimination has surfaced because of favors given to a particular ethnic group; it is seen as trading the qualification of a White male to give women and minority men an opportunity. Another issue that has aroused because of the minorities groups is color-blind policies, which is the reversal of reverse discrimination, meaning that White males are giving the power based on informal social networks, personal, recommendations, and family ties. A great example to talk about is the admission of college applicants who are part of minority groups because of the affirmative action program. Many minority groups have been stereotyped because of their race and gender but most people overlook that there are minority groups who are prosperous. The ethnicity of individuals has influence the behavior and thinking of...

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