Multicultural Classroom

Topics: Multiculturalism, Culture, Education Pages: 1 (290 words) Published: October 10, 2010
Multicultural Classroom: Activities and Materials
Multicultural education relates to education and instruction intended for the cultures of several different races in an educational system. This method to teaching and learning is based upon compromised on building, respect, and developing cultural pluralism in racial societies. Multicultural education recognizes and contains positive racial habits into classroom surroundings. Although we frequently think of multicultural diversity as teaching young children to value and affirm differences in cultures, we also need to emphasize how we are all alike. We should set up a common knowledge that people everywhere have the same needs although they may meet them in different ways. Therefore, the importance is that although people may seem different on the surface, they are not so different after all. Bringing consciousness of a variety of cultures into the classroom helps children appreciate similarities among cultures as well as differences.

You might also begin with the diversity of your own classroom. You can read to them books with different culture authors and themes. Remember if you have children that represent other cultures talk positively about their cultural heritage. Try to involve their parents to enrich your curriculum. Parents are great resource people; invite them to share clothing, articles from their country, and types of festivals they observe. Most children feel very proud to have a parent visit the class. You might also get parents to help with a celebration in your classroom as you learn about their customs and holidays. Have a tasting party of foods from other lands. We live in a multicultural society and regardless of children's immediate neighborhoods or the ethnic background of an individual class, today's children are growing up in a world comprised of culturally diverse people.
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