Multicultural Books

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Leah Chapman
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Annotated List of Multicultural Books

Craighead George, Jean. Julie of the wolves. Harper Publishers. 1972. New York, NY.

Julie of the Wolves is a fiction novel that would be appropriate from children ages 10-14, or grades 5-8. It is a captivating tale about a young Eskimo girl who runs away from home and finds herself lost in the Alaskan tundra. The story depicts Julie’s fight for survival as well as the fight within herself. She is torn between two sides of herself, and must decide whether she will be know as Julie, her white people name, or Miyax, the Eskimo girl. This book would be considered to be in the adolescence genre, as well as the Native American genre, as the book tells about Julie’s family and the “old ways” of Eskimo people and their way of life. This book received many awards including: ·1973 John Newberry Medal

·National Book Award finalist
·One of the 10 Best Children’s Books in 200 Years (by the Children’s Literature Assoc.)

DePoala, Tomie. The legend of the indian paintbrush. G.P. Putnam‘s. 1988. New York, NY.

The Legend of the Indian paintbrush is a colorful depiction of the Native American Indian legend of the Indian paintbrush flower and how it came into being. It is a children’s book that would be appropriate for ages birth-10 or grades K-4. The book is a re-telling of the legend of Little Gopher, a Native American boy who cannot run or fight like his peers. However, Little Gopher does have a gift most unique—he is a very talented artist. Little Gopher wants to paint a sunset but is never happy with the colors of his paintings until one night when he has a “dream vision” and he is told by the spirits where he can find paint brushes filled with the colors of the sunset. He does, and he creates a beautiful masterpieces. Afterwards, he strews the magic brushes all over the hillside, which root and become the beautiful Indian Paintbrush flowers. This book is clearly about Native American culture. Author and illustrator Tomie DePoala has received numerous honors and awards but none specifically for this book.

Frank, Anne. Anne Frank: The diary of a young girl. Doubleday. 1953. New York, NY.

Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl is a non-fiction autobiographical collection of writings from the diary of a young Jewish girl named Anne Frank. This book would be most appropriate for children ages 11-18 or grades 5-12.The entries in the diary were written between 1942-1944, the time during the Nazi-Occupation of the Netherlands at the beginning of World War II. Anne Frank’s diary is one of the most moving and most enduring accounts of what happened during the Nazi occupation and what was experienced by the families living in hiding during that time. Anne tells her diary (whom she nicknamed “Kitty”) all of her secrets, her frustrations, and her aspirations to become a journalist, which tragically, never come to pass, for after they are discovered, Anne and of her family members are sent to a concentration camp where Anne dies just shy of her 16th birthday. This book will help readers paint a mental picture of European life during World War II and the Nazi invasions, and offers a glimpse into this turbulent time from a young person’s point of view. This would be considered an autobiography as well as a book about European culture during the 1940’s. It was made into a feature-length motion picture in 1959 which garnered numerous awards, including 3 Academy Awards. The book has received worldwide praise and reception and has been honored with many awards including: ·1952 New York Times Best-Seller

·1955 New York Times Best-Seller
·1996 ALA Best Books for Young Adults Award
·1997 Waterstones Books of the Century Award
·2003 ALA Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults Award
·2004 ALA Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults Award

Jaffe, Nina. Older brother, younger brother. Viking Publishers. 1995. New York, NY....
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