Multicultural and Social Issues in Psychology week 1

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Multicultural and Social Issues in Psychology
Nicole Gerson
Jay Greiner

Social Psychology and Multicultural Psychology

Social psychology is the field of social insight and communication. Main researched strategies will be mentioned in the paper that are used in social psychology and some examples to provide more help. It will explain what multicultural psychology is and how they are related and what tends to separate them into two distinct fields. Social psychology

Social psychology is the scientific attempt to explain how the thoughts, feelings, and someone’s behaviors are influences by actual, imagined, or implied presence of other human beings they are around. Which means all the ways that someone can have an impact on one another. It happens to affect someone’s behavior such as yielding it to a majority of an opinion over one’s own judgment on a situation of any kind. It allows oneself to be imprisoned and do what others are doing around them because one may think they have to or do it because they think they can. Social psychology look at a wide range of social topics, including group behaviors, leadership, nonverbal behavior, and social perception (Fiske, Harris, & Cuddy, 2004). Primary research strategies in social psychology

With social psychology it heavily relies on the scientific method. Social psychologist choose appropriate research strategies such as experimental, descriptive and correlation research (Fiske, Harris, & Cuddy, 2004). The whole purpose of descriptive research is to help determine different features of the people. Correlational research help reveals the implied type of contrast that one does to prowl after descriptive type of research. Correlational research identifies the variable that is compared to another one ( Friske, 2010). Correlational actually has three types. These types are the positive correlation that is two variables that both decrease and increase together. But if one variable happens to be greater compared to the other then it is negative correlation in the end. Then last but not least it is actually said to be zero correlation if a person can be able to distinguish the value of one of the variables by not on the other one. An example would be distinguishing if the person who smokes cigarettes would end up getting a lung disease compared to someone who does not smoke. Experimental research is a huge study with a dependent variable and independent variable. The independent variable is one that happens to be influenced by the one conducting the study. An example of an experimental research is Multicultural psychology

Multicultural psychology is the systematic study of all aspects of the human behaviors as it occurs in settings where the people of different cultural backgrounds happen to encounter each other. (Lott, 2010, Chapter 1). One of the difficulties with multicultural psychology is that the term culture is used in many different ways. With multicultural psychology it happens to be distinguished between broad a narrow definitions of culture (Lott, 2010, Chapter 1). Relationship between social and multicultural psychology

When it comes to the relationship between social and multicultural psychology they are different but similar in some ways.Multicultural and social are connected because they are able to recognize the impacts on an individual’s thoughts and also behaviors they may have. They are in two separate distinct fields because with multicultural psychology is tends to concentrate on the cultural influences where social psychology happens to concentrate on how the person is influenced on one another (Fiske,2010). With culture it happens to be able to be the influence how one person can act, feel or even ponder when it comes to their individual life. Conclusion

A study that tends to be on the social impact, perception and also the relations is tend to be called social psychology. The...
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