Multichannel & Mobile Strategy

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Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy * Selling direct and indirect * Emergence of Online
Multi Channel Marketing is using a variety of marketing channels to reach a customer. The major objective for this is making it easy for the consumer to buy from them in whatever way is most appropriate. This allows companies to reach their consumers in a number of ways.
Area is increasingly dramatically and many companies who do not adapt this multi-channel market will fall behind the market particularly if purchasing via multiple channels is a key characteristics of the target market

For Multi Channel to work there is a need to: 1. Understand your customers (i.e. how they purchase, which channel will work for them) 2. Provide a seamless services across all levels 3. Test your channels out
The danger of multiple channels is the same as the danger of intensive distribution:
Downstream channel members = lose motivation and can withhold support, exit the supplier's channel structure
This is particularly the case when the customer can free ride, gaining services from one channel while placing its business with another.
The ironic result is that, by adding channel types, the supplier may come to reduce, rather than increase, the breadth and vigour of its market representation.

Historically standard marketing channels have always included authors, publishers, wholesalers and bricks and mortar bookstores to sell to end-users. In today’s marketplace and with the introduction to pure play retailers such as traditional bricks and mortar retailers such as Barnes & Noble have had to move their business line to include online thus making them a multi channel retailers.
In addition to the traditional bricks and mortar store Barnes and Noble has offered in store pick up for their online orders if the customer wishes. These active competitive moved have been made as they see it as adding value to their brand and their

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