Multi-Layered Security plan part 1

Topics: Computer security, Authentication, Password Pages: 2 (495 words) Published: October 3, 2014
In this Multi-Layered Security Plan, I will provide information on how to better improve the security of each domain and protect the data of Richman Investments. We shall secure all ports for incoming and outgoing traffic, only allowing the information that is needed through certain ports and to conduct business fast and efficiently. We will also be using the latest and most updated firewall protection and anti-virus software to add a better degree of security. This will be implemented throughout the entire company and we will inform all employees of this MLS plan.

1. User Domain
a. Security awareness.
We will educate employees on how to properly secure information by user ID and password management training. Instructing them on how to create better and more secure passwords with use of numbers and special characters and teach them better habits for password remembrance by repetition and to avoid righting or storing the password directly at their workstations. We will also be implementing a “three strikes” password system to only allow three failed entry attempts before they are completely locked out of the system. b. Auditing of user activities

Log all access throughout the entire network to watch for any external or internal threats. Bandwidth will also be monitored to and any large file transfers will require authorization by superiors. 2. Workstation Domain

Restrict access privileges to any sensitive data and set up limited user access on each workstation. Each station will be stripped of all external ports and media drives to allow zero access with external devices. Set a monitoring system to disable the workstation if it is disconnected from the network.

3. LAN Domain
All workstations will be hard wired directly to the network. Any laptop will be connect via a cloaked wifi network. This means it will display no SSID and only allow certain MAC address access to it. WPA 2 encryption will be used with a password system similar to what is covered...
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