Multi-Layered Security Plan

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Project Part 1: Multi-Layered Security Plan

Upgrade- Establish endpoint security updates (Antivirus, Malware protection). Upgrade all desktop and laptop Operating Systems. Once all systems are running on the same system, it will be easier to set up security protocols across the board. Make sure Patch updates are being made regularly, set up a specified time frame to check for and install new patches and updates. Virtualize the Browser- Give user machines a virtualized instance of a pre-configured standard browser. This eliminates the freedom to surf unsafe websites, download questionable files, install browser toolkits, store passwords, etc. The virtual instance gives the ability to apply the same standards and security settings to each client machine using a copy. Even successful intruders will not be able to access the core OS or execute code on the physical machine. Secure the Endpoints- Secure endpoint devices as much as possible. Have correct restrictions and level passwords. Antivirus, Malware protection, Firewall settings all need to be configured appropriately and have an update schedule in place. Biometric security (fingerprint scanners) can also help significantly in securing data and eliminating high class information getting in the wrong hands. Secure Email- As email is one of the highest forms of attack traffic, the internal email system integrity is critical. In addition to the already existing security layers, there should be an added layer specifically for incoming and outgoing emails. Area of Focus| Area of Concern| Relevant Tools|

Endpoints| * OS Level * Patch history Configuration hardening Desktop access, Application access * File Access * File Storage * VPN Authentication Browsing * Emails * Backups| * OS Update appliance * Patch/Configuration appliance * Embedded biometrics * Remote policy management * Endpoint Encryption * Secure browser * Secure Email * Incremental backup| Network Edge| *...

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