Mullet Girls

Topics: Family, 2000s American television series, Sun tanning Pages: 1 (367 words) Published: November 20, 2005
In The Mullet Girls, the Mullet Girls are beach-walking beauties far away but close up they are not the ideal beauties they portray. McCorkle, who is an average teenage girl, is confused about her self-image. Throughout this story she tries to discover what image she wants to portray. McCorkle debates whether she wants to be a daddy's girl to fit the position of the son her father never had. McCorkle was without a doubt confused about the image of the Mullet Girl. McCorkle talks about her fishing abilities and how her ability to fish portrays her image as a daddy's girls. "I prided myself on being the daughter who could touch anything stinky and slimy without flinching."(Pg 42). According to the text McCorkle is questioning herself whether she be the son her father never had or the dream girl she really wants to be. McCorkle expresses that she doesn't mind getting dirty and getting blood on her hand from the worms. McCorkle enjoyed fishing with her father but she still has an ideal of beauty running through her mind. Then, McCorkle talked about the summer how she wore bikinis and went tanning. "I wore bikinis and I was working on my tan and spraying lemon juice on my hair" (Pg 47) according to the text McCorkle talked about how she was trying to portray the look of the Mullet Girls. Her mother didn't want her to look or act like the Mullet Girls because they didn't do much with there lives and she consider them to be trashy. Her Mother wanted her to stay away from them. When the Mullet Girls came knocking at her door they was not the ideal beauty she though they was and she understood why her mother was telling her to stay away from them. In conclusion the Mullet Girls was a story about a young girl who was confused with her self imagine and the identity of the Mullet girls. McCorkle did not know whether she wanted to be daddy's girl or the ideal beauty. At the end she realizes that true beauty comes from the inside instead of the inside.
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