Topics: Attila the Hun, Xiongnu, Huns Pages: 4 (1486 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Gianna Esposito 12/26/12
Mrs. Ventuleth WHAP

Fa Mulan is the daughter of the honorable Fa Zhou, a strong and proud man, loyal to his country. Despite his efforts to raise his daughter by the traditions which has shaped his country for centuries, Mulan is a headstrong and adventurous individual with a will of her own. She tries hard to please her family and uphold the family honor, but, to her disappointment, ends up letting them, and herself, down. Looking deep into herself, she sees someone different from what is expected of her. She wonders who she really is, and when she will discover her true self. Suddenly, news of the Hun invasion reaches their village when the Emperor's council arrives, announcing that one man from each family is to serve in the army. Fa Zhou steps forward to accept his summon, only to find a great deal of protesting from his daughter. Mulan fears for her father, already having been injured in a previous battle for his country. While her family sleeps, Mulan finds the determination to make the most difficult and dangerous choice of her life. She takes the conscription notice from her father, cuts her hair, dons her father's armor, mounts her horse and rides off into the night where her new journey begins. When Mulan's family realize she is gone, they fear for her life, for it is an act of treason for a woman to masquerade as a man in the army, punishable by death. They pray to the ancestors to look after her and bring her back. The ancestors in the temple awaken, including a tiny, loud-mouthed dragon named Mushu who was demoted from being a guardian after a failed attempt to protect one of the family. Accidentally, he destroys the statue of the "real" dragon chosen to retrieve Mulan, and in an effort to avoid getting in trouble and perhaps getting back his position as a guardian, he goes after Mulan himself, along with Cri-Kee the cricket, planning to make Mulan a war hero. In the meantime, Mulan...
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