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Important Questions:
Section A: Multiple Choice Question (MCQS)


Attempt all the questions from this section in the answer scripts. MCQS paper is to be returned to the invigilator after 20 minutes. Do not copy down the part question in your answer book. Write only the answer in full against the proper number of the question and its part. The code of your question paper must be mentioned in bold letters in the beginning.

Choose the correct answer for each from the given options:

1- The count of Monte Cristo disgraced the family of the count of Morcef by.

a. Published news in the books

b. Publishing news in the papers

c. Issuing a challenge

d.Killing his enemy

2-progress was written by:

a. St. john G. Ervine

b. J.H Walsh

c. Alexander Dumas

d. Prof.Henry Corrie

3- The duel was to be fought at:

a. Chamos Elyesses

b. Rue du helder

c. Bois de Vincennes

d. Marseilles

4-fourteen years is a large slice from a mans life.

Above dialogue was spoken by:

a. The count of Mountie Cristo

b. Albert

c. The count of Morcerf

d. Beauchamp

5-I donot suppose it would make her feel any worse than she is now

Above dialogue was spoken by:

a. Prof. Henry Corrie

b. Charlotte

c. Hannah

d. Tom Meldon

6- The central and principal organ of the U.N is.

a. The security Council

b. The General Assembly

c. The General Committee.

d. The Security Assembly

7- The scientist is more interested in doing scientific work than:

a. In defining it

b. In doing Experiment

c. In influencing it

d. In collecting it

8- Brikenhead Drill was written by:

a. The commander of the troops.

b. The young inexperienced soldiers.

c. The women and children who were rescued.

d. The one officers troops who was rescued.

9- The author of the lesson Pakistan Zindabad is.

a. John wolton

b. D.Y morgan

c. Stephen leacock

d. Mohammad Ali Jinnah

The Hostile witness written by D.Y Morgan is:a. A legendry playb. A detective play

c. A humorous play

d. A suspicious play

11- Science adds enormously to the comfort and interest of:

a. Social living

b. Future living

c. Modern living

d. Natural living

12- Stephen Leacock wanted to draw out six dollar of it for:

a. Personal use

b. Present use

c. Future use

d. Domestic use

13- Fraulein Schmidt was another name of.

a. Baroness

b. Amalie

c. Bankers wife

d. Conrads mother

14- Sir henry wottons man is freed from.

a. Servile bands

b. Slavish bands

c. Ruling bands

d. Devilish bands

15- Lucys parents searched her all that night on the moon.

a. Here and there

b. Near and far

c. Far and wide

d. In and out

16- After punishing his son Coventry patmore:

a. Went to sleep calmly

b. Spoke harish woods

c. Got even more annoyed

d. Felt sorry for his son

17- the abbot of Canterbury is typical old:

a. Sonnet

b. Ballad

c. Epic

d. Elegly

18- After my friend (go) to bed.(right words to make the correct sentence)

a. Had gone, went

b. Was going, went

c. Go, went

d. Has gone, went

19- The opposite of deep is

a. Surface

b. Shallow

c. Near

d. Top

20- Has it been drizzling since night.(can be punctuated as)

a. Has it been drilling since night.

b. has it been drizzling since night?

c. has it been drizzling since night!

d. has it been drizzling since night?
Section B:(Short Answers...
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