Mughal Empire

Topics: Mughal Empire, Bengal, Indian Rebellion of 1857 Pages: 3 (1191 words) Published: February 23, 2011
Mughal Empire’s Rise & Decline
Many nations tend to start off slowly building an empire or a kingdom but it takes rulers and followers to up keep the regulations and tradition in order for it to flourish. Without the work of battles, political advancements and forming connections with other countries a nation cannot survive on its own which eventually leads to its downfall. According to the reading of Talbot and Asher it is clear to see why they concluded the late seventeenth century as a time to prove a “high tide mark from which the fortunes of the Mughal Empire quickly receded.” The Mughal Empire was one of the greatest periods in South Asian history in terms of political gains, new alliances and improvement of society as well as the defeat caused by the Indian Rebellion of 1857 which is better known as the war of Independence. Before the decline the Mughal Empire thrived above all others due to the exceeding efforts of rulers suck as Aurangzeb and his sons and grandsons who were left up keep his legacy. In the same decade there we new comers to the trade who were given authority to trade and they were know as the British East India Company. Ironically they were of British descents working/trading on Indian soil also it led to extended trade as well with Bengal which occurred in the early 1700s. Before the death of the leader Aurangzeb who is primarily responsible for the rise of the Mughal Empire, he made many changes in reference to religious and political policies as well as the cultural ramifications especially with that of the sharia law. He was different from that of the other rulers in terms of seeing the worth of being an empire. For example according to the text “ Aurangzeb still made ceremonial gifts to worthy nobles as valued marks or honor,” essentially he presented himself as a powerful ruler yet showing society he is there to make positive changes. His main goal was to enhance the expansion of territory which was believed to be a...
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