Mughal Architecture

Topics: Mughal Empire, Taj Mahal, Islamic architecture Pages: 3 (716 words) Published: March 18, 2013

In India many types of architectural styles were seen .Mughal architecture is one of most famous architectural style. Mughal architecture an amalgam of Islamic, Persian, Turkish and Indian architecture, is the distinctive style developed by the Mughals in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries in what is now India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. Babur (1526-30 A.D.), the founder of the Mughal dynasty in India, also made a modest beginning of the architectural style which was later developed, on a massive scale, by his grandson Akbar (1556-1605) and Akbar's grandson Shah Jehan (1628-58). Mughal architecture is mainly made out of red stone or white marble. It is symmetrical and decorative in style. mughal architecture is famous for minarates ,domes, intricate jaliwork, the big courtyards, the fountains.

The dome is a special feature of mughal architecture. Muslim people come together and pray together so they need large space for that, flat roof can't provide those kind of large closed space. dome provide large space which they need. dome echo's the sound of pray. The dome is symmetrical ,very well heighted ,carved and painted out to perfection and thus enhances the look of the entire structure.

Jaali work is another famous architectural feature of this kind of architecture. These jaalis were used for ventilation purposes and because of the small voids in the jaalis air flow was tremendous and hence the rooms were ventilated for entire time. the jaalis are again carved with different patterns, There are patterns like the floral pattern. Symmetrical shaped jaalis etc. These jaalis were mainly seen in the rooms of the king, queen etc. The jaalis were also kept for women who use to attend the daily meet but because of being women they couldn’t go in public and hence use to watch through jaalis.

The fountains or water ponds were present in almost all the buildings under mughal architecture. main function of water bodies...
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