Topics: Suicide, Education, School counselor Pages: 2 (664 words) Published: June 23, 2013
YOU ARE SECERETARY OF YOUR SCHOOL WELFARE CLUB.RECENTLY YOU ATTENDENT A SEMINAR AND MADE FOLLOWING NOTES TO WRITE AND ARTICLE FOR YOUR CLUB NEWSLETTER.YOUR ARTICLE SHOULD INCLUDE ALL THE INFORMATION PROVIDED BELOW.YOU SHOULD WRITE AT LEAST 150 WORDS. * Examination pressure –main cause of stress and mentel health problems among school-going children * The Befrienders Malaysia-receive 60 calls per day-10% students under 20 years old * Students suicide on increase:

-2007:S.subashini ,12 hanged herself in her room after receiving her upsr result -2005:Matthew Vinesh ,17 hanged himself at home after completing his trial spm examination -2004:Student committed suicide due to examination pressure

* More school –based assessments in school
* Abolishment of some public examination –upsr and pmr
* Proposed to increased the number of school counselor
* Reduce class enrolments
* Clinics on awareness of suicidal behavior
* Motivational &stress management seminars

A students life is often plagued by examination.The demand to do well is further increased as good grades woud lead one to secure entry to a good grades would lead one to secure entry to a good university and consequently to a good job and future.Hence,there is no surprise and mentel health problems among school-going children. The Befriends Malaysia,a voluntary organization located in the klang valley,pointed out that they receive approximately 60 calls per day and from these 10 per cent are from student under the age of 20. The examination pressure experienced among students has also seen the rise in suicides and deaths among school students.In 2007,a young 12-year0old s.subashini ,hanged herself in her room after receiving her upsr results.In 2005,Matthew Vinesh a teenager in the prime of his life at 17,hanged himself at home just completing his trial spm examination.The...
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