Muder on a Sunday Morning

Topics: Police, Interrogation, Police brutality Pages: 2 (529 words) Published: June 20, 2013
Toni McGee
November 30, 2012
C Period
Mrs. Smith

Reflection on Murders on a Sunday Morning
The documentary, Murder on a Sunday Morning, was by far the most intriguing one I've ever seen. It was the best in the sense that I enjoyed it so much, but at the same time it was very disturbing, in that it disappointed me and discouraged my faith in the police force. I've never seen a documentary that had such an effect on my emotions. I became very caught up in the whole trial. I formed my own opinions while watching the cross examinations, and thought about what I would decide if I happened to be sitting on the jury. I almost felt as if I would be visibly upset if Butler was found guilty. I am disgusted with the way the police investigators handled the case, and am now weary of the way they must handle every case. I can't understand how in the legal system, where justice is supposed to be done, how something so unjust can occur. It is my true opinion that the public defense attorney went above and beyond the call of duty to prove his case. Mary Stephens is an elderly white female tourist that is shot and killed by a black assailant in Jacksonville Florida. The police was given a very brief description of the suspect: a skinny black male, wearing dark denim shorts, carrying a small pistol. Eager to solve the case swiftly, the police sought out to target black males in the area. They apprehended and arrested 15 year old Brenton Butler the first and only black male suspect. The grieving husband of the murder victim, who had glimpsed the killer from a distance, was virtually coerced by the arresting officers into identifying Butler as the guilty party -- and later, thanks to the strong-arm tactics of his interrogators, and without benefit of counsel, the boy confessed to a crime which he did not commit. Brash, chain-smoking public defender Pat McGuiness, sensing that the prosecution's case stank to high heaven, proceeded to mount a courtroom defense for...
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