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DJ Geary
1. Define the term "Muckraker." Be sure to include the name of the person who created it. Muckrackers were American novelists and journalists in the first decade of the twentieth century that exposed corruptions in big business and government. 2. Naturalism was a literary movement of the late 19th century that was an extension of Realism. What was the main focus of the Naturalistic writer? Naturalists wrote about the fringes of society, the criminal, the fallen, and the down-and-out. 3. American Realists believed that humanity's freedom of choice was limited by the power of outside forces. How would this view differ from the perspective of the Romantic writer (think of someone like Emerson)? Romanticism stressed the value of expressing human abilities that were common to all from birth rather than from training. 4. In your opinion, based on what you have read, why would post Civil War, newly industrialized America be attracted to the Realistic movement? I believe that the newly industrialized America would be attracted to the Realistic movement because the country was changing so greatly and so quickly that people were being pulled along whether they wanted to or not. They would feal connected with realists because they wrote about the struggles of everyday life. 5. What is meant by the term "local color"?

Local color or regional literature is fiction and poetry that focuses on the characters, dialect, customs, topography, and other features particular to a specific region.
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