Muck Up Day

Topics: English-language films Pages: 2 (498 words) Published: March 21, 2006
Ryan Sannen's brothers

I can't believe something like this could happen to Ryan. We got the phone call last night that Ryan had been involved in a serious car accident. We immediately jumped in the car and drove straight to the accident. I couldn't believe it. As we arrived, I immediately recognized the car. It was Ryan's. The car was all crushed and mangled. . There was glass and metal everywhere. People where standing around the car just looking. How could they just look, when my brother was in there, possibly dieing? There where police and ambulances all over the place. Emergency services where looking in the car, trying to help. I wasn't worrying about who else was inside, I was just trying to find out if anyone knew if Ryan was ok. Nobody new what had happened. Most of them where drunk and couldn't even remember seeing them get into the car. My mum was crying. She was trying to get to the car, but no one would let her. It seemed like forever, but finally they got Ryan and two other boys out of the car and rushed them to the hospital. Mum and I followed close behind. We finally reached the hospital, but no one would help us, or tell us what was going on. Finally the doctor, who treated Ryan came and talked to mum. She was crying. She came and told me that Ryan was in a coma, and that the other two boys where seriously injured. We sat waiting for hours. The doctor came out again, to tell us that one of the other boys in the car had died, due to serious head injuries. I couldn't believe it. Ryan had always been a great driver, and he loved his car. He would often take me driving when mum was out. Mum sat crying for hours. I just sat there, thinking about everything. Ryan had so much going for him. He did well in his exams, he had a great car, great friends and now, it would all be ruined. We still didn't know what exactly had happened. The police came to talk to us. It made mum even more upset, because they where telling her that it was Ryan who was...
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