Much Ado About Nothing Notes - Act 1

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Much ado about nothing – ACT 1
* Character development: In act 1 of much ado about nothing many characters are introduced to the play, such as Leonato who is the governor of Messina who welcomes the Prince of Aragon also known as Don Pedro who then bring with them Claudio and Benedick to Messina who have just been fighting in the war, and both of them want to stay single. Hero and Beatrice are Leonato daughter and niece who look forward to seeing the prince’s followers; both Hero and Beatrice are completely different to one another for example Hero is small and quiet whereas Beatrice is very loud and tall. Finally there is Don John who is Don Pedro’s brother and very evil and completely different to Don Pedro which is a reason why they do not get along, whose followers which assist him with mischief in this act at the party who are both Borachio and Conrad. There is some character development in Act 1, for example both Claudio and Benedick both say that they will stay single and not ever marry, whereas later when Claudio meets Hero it is love at first sight for him and his mood changes from friendly courtesy to serious discussion as he truly loves Hero. There is not much character development in this scene, and this is because the characters have just been introduced and therefore have not had a chance to express their characteristics and personality towards one another. An example of not expressing their personality and feelings towards one another is when Benedick and Beatrice are constantly mocking one another and I think that they are not showing their true feelings and are hiding them by making fun out of each other. * In the start of the play when the soldiers return from Messina Beatrice and Benedick exchange exaggerated insults, Claudio tells Don Pedro he loves Beatrice and Benedick however says he will never marry. * On page 11 there is a long speech but there aren’t that many in act 1 they are mostly short dialogues. It translates as follows:...
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