Much Ado About Nothing Deception Analysis

Topics: William Shakespeare, Love, Othello Pages: 3 (671 words) Published: February 23, 2017

William Shakespeare is considered one of the greatest writers in history, an opinion that is not easily disputed when one regards the innovativeness, complexity, and entertainment of his works. One such work, Much Ado About Nothing, makes use of these attributes that make his work so great.
The first example of helpful trickery is the role deception plays in joining the two main couples: Claudio and Hero, and Beatrice and Benedick. The latter, the witty and disputing characters that claim they will never marry, are brought together by the mischief of their friends. Tricked into believing the other has feelings for them, Beatrice and Benedick develop feelings for one another. This effect of trickery helps the play by creating humor within the characters, playful drama when they confront each other, and happiness that follows their marrying. The other main couple, Hero and Claudio, are joined when Don Pedro assists Claudio by wooing Hero for him while in disguise. Creating the first instance of trickery in the play, this deception helps the...

The use of deception adds depth, as well as humor, to the play, helping it in the process. When the trickery concerns Beatrice and Benedick, such as when Beatrice belittles Benedick while he pretends to be someone else, humor is found. Comedy is widely loved in the world, so the presence of it increases the enjoyability and popularity of the play. Furthermore, deception adds a human quality to the play that readers can relate to, because many use or experience deception in life. This theme yet continues to help the play by adding depth and conflict, changing the work from a light read to a more complex and study-worthy one. Trickery serves as a vessel for the main conflict, which is necessary in literature, and adds drama, which interests readers. Without trickery, this play would be a simple love story that involves humorous...
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