Much Ado About Nothing

Topics: Comedy, Film editing, Film Pages: 2 (766 words) Published: August 23, 2013
English Essay – Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing
“How does the Composer entertain his audience in this scene?” In Kenneth Branner’s Much Ado About Nothing, people are entertained by many traditional comedic conventions that are very much the base of most Shakespearean comedy’s. In the current scene (Dogberry and fellow guards), some of the Shakespearean comedic conventions used include malapropism, visual humour, disguise and (partially) language. All these conventions are then further backed up and conveyed through many film techniques including; panning, medium shots, close shots, low key lighting, two shots, establishing shots, multiple cuts and a few reaction shots. All of these techniques add up to create a very entertaining and detailed film scene. One of the main Shakespearean comedic conventions used in this scene are a combination of language and malapropism that Dogberry uses. Malapropism is when you use words that you don’t understand, and therefore use them in the incorrect context. This means that your sentence becomes almost invalid and pointless. An example of one of Dogberry’s malapropisms is this: "One word, sir. Our watch, sir, have indeed comprehended two aspicious persons, and we would have them this morning examined before your worship." The words Dogberry is trying to use are apprehended and suspicious. The main reason that Dogberry is using this is that he is trying to show his leadership and trying to look smarter, but is (ironically) achieving the exact opposite. Some film techniques used in this scene to convey the message, entertain the audience and deliver parts of Dogberry’s character are; reaction shots, two shots and close shots. The reaction shot is used to convey the surprise and amusement of Dogberry’s fellow guards. Two shots are used to show and convey to the audience the fact that many people are there with Dogberry and to show their reactions and facial expressions. Close shots reveal otherwise unseen visual humour, an...
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