Much Ado About Nothing

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Clement Rowe
Mr. Ulrey
AP Lit
Comparing and Contrasting Don Pedro and Don John

The Characters of Don John and Don Pedro are very different in their personalities. Don John, Don Pedro’s bastard brother, is by far the most evil of the two brothers and Don Pedro is his polar opposite. Where Don John makes children cry, Don Pedro makes them laugh, Don John betrays, Don Pedro is loyal to the point of death.

In the beginning of the play Don Pedro finds out that his friend, Claudio, is in love with Hero of course, he is happy at this news and immediately he offers his help to Claudio in wooing Hero and eventually maybe marrying her. For example, Don Pedro says, “My love is thine to teach.” [Act I scene I] meaning that he will teach Claudio how to make Hero fall in love with him as Claudio had with her. “I will assume thy part in some disguise” [Act I, scene I] further offering his help to Claudio. He is offering to take Claudio’s place in a masked dance/party for the purpose of finding out if Hero loves Claudio without Claudio getting tongue tied talking to Hero about love and marrying. Don Pedro discovers that Hero loves Claudio as well and reports his findings back to Claudio, “Here, Claudio, I have wooed in your name and fair Hero is won” [Act II, scene I] of course Claudio is overjoyed and immediately wants to get married as soon as possible. Don John then goes to Hero’s father, Leonato, and gets his blessing for Hero to marry Claudio and they set a date for the wedding. This series of actions proves to me at least, that Don Pedro is a very noble and helpful friend.

Don John on the other hand is not a very noble or nice person and I’m not sure he has any friends. Don John is trying to stop the wedding between Claudio and Hero. When he first heard of the wedding the first thing that came into his head was how he could stop and/or mess up the wedding entirely, “Will it serve for any model to build mischief on?” [Act I, scene...
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