Mu Sigma Organization Design

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Mu Sigma
Organization Design

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Table of Contents
A. Mu Sigma3
1. Company Overview3
1.1 Location3
1.2 Industry3
1.3 Products & Services4
1.4 Market6
1.5 Technology Sector6
2. Structure of the Organization6
2.1 Structural Dimension6
2.2 Contextual Dimension7
2.3 Mintzberg’s Organizational Framework8
2.4 Functional Classification8
3. Reporting Relationships9
3.1 Reporting Structure9
3.2 Inter-department Coordination9
3.3 Role of Top Management9
3.4 Expectation from Employees10
3.5 Roles & Responsibilities of Employees10
3.6 Employee Goals10
3.7Information Sharing Structure11
4. Strategy11
4.1 Strategic Intent11
4.2 Competitors12
4.3 Competitive Advantage12
4.4 Porter’s Competitive Strategies12
5. Decision Making13
5.1 Individual Decision Making13
5.2 Organizational Decision Making13
5.3 The Insight Driven Organization Matrix13
6. Global Organization Design14
6.1 Simple – Complex Dimension14
6.2 Stable – Unstable Dimension14
7. Conflict & Politics15
7.1 Rational vs Political Model15
8. Innovation15
9. Culture15
9.1 Philosophy15
9.2 Symbols16
9.3 Type of Culture 16
9.4 Corporate Social Responsibility16
B. Mu Sigma || Evaluation & Analysis17
10. Strategy17
10.1 Strengths17
10.2 Shortcomings17
10.3 Insights on the Organization Strategies17
11. Culture18
11.1 Strengths18
11.2 Shortcomings18
11.3 Insights on the Organization Culture 18
12. Structure18
12.1 Strengths18
12.2 Shortcomings18
12.3 Insights on the Organization Structure18
13. Environment19
13.1 Strengths19
13.2 Shortcomings19
13.3 Insights on the Organization Environment 19
14. Reporting Relationships19
13.1 Strengths19
13.2 Shortcomings19
13.3 Insights the Organization Reporting Relationships 19

A. Mu Sigma

1. Company Overview:
Mu Sigma is an analytics service provider that helps enterprises institutionalise data driven decision making. It works with market leading organizations across multiple industry verticals and solve high impact business problems in key horizontals such as Marketing, Risk and Supply Chain. It particularly uses a combination of Data Engineering, Data Sciences and Decision Sciences to effectively help companies to come up with unique solutions to the crucial decision making procedure. Raja Ram started Mu sigma in 2004 and today it has emerged as a billion dollar enterprise employing 3000 people with offices in Chicago, Bangalore, London & Australia. Today Mu Sigma works with giants like Dell and Microsoft. Mu Sigma is a category defining company which has been growing very quickly at 5% to 8 % per month through the combination of people, process, platform and products. The objective of the company is to double the revenue every two years along with the increase in headcount ratio. Mu Sigma adopts a unique integrated DIPP approach. The insights are derived by passing the data through four basic stages – Descriptive Analytics, Inquisitive analytics, Predictive Analytics and Prescriptive analytics. 1.1 Location:

Mu sigma is situated in Bangalore with its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois, US. 1.2 Industry:
Mu Sigma operates in the ‘Analytics and decision sciences’ industry. It focuses on using Big data to arrive at solutions for its customers from various domains. The growth in analytics industry, both in India and worldwide, has been tremendous. The number of analytics companies in India has grown three folds in last 1.5 years.1 In October 2012, HBR gave the title “The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century” to Data-Scientists, a term coined for professionals working extensively on data analytics. The Advanced and Predictive Analytics (APA) software market is projected from grow from $2.2B in 2013 to $3.4B in 2018, attaining a 9.9% CAGR in the forecast period. A.T. Kearney forecasts global spending...

References: [2] "Roundup Of Analytics, Big Data & Business Intelligence Forecasts And Market Estimates, 2014", Forbes,, .
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