Mtv Arabia

Topics: Middle East, United Arab Emirates, Jordan Pages: 4 (1322 words) Published: August 12, 2010
Case Analysis: MTV Arabic
Music Television or MTV is the pioneer of the concept of a cable music channel. It started in 1981 in United States. This was a mark of the commencement of the cable TV revolution in the history. The primary audience for MTV is those in the 12 to 24 age group. Later on, MTV launched many sister channel, this includes VH1 (video hit one) which shows light popular music, Rhythm and blues which shows R&B, jazz, classics and country music, and lastly Nickelodeon which is the children channel. By 1987 MTVN began its first expansion outside of the United States. The first target for MTV was the European countries. Then they have a further expansion set out to Australia, Latin America and Asia. By mid 2006, MTV catered to an audience of more than one billion in 179 countries across Europe, Asia, Latin American and Australia. MTV is one of the most successful channels to expand globally and remain true to their brand image. One of the main reasons why they become very successful with the expansion was that the channel adopted a decentralized structure and gave commercial and creative autonomy to their local employees. They are aware of the cultural differences in each region in the globe, they intelligently used their local staff to break the cultural boundary and present MTV to the people. One of the top management from MTV (Roedy) stated that this MTV expansion is “something we decided early on was to not export just one product for the world but to generate a very different experience for our brands depending on the local cultures. Now, another challenge for MTV has arise, Middle East region is the next target for MTV global expansion. Issue:

MTV Network (MTVN) launched MTV Arabia on November 17, 2007. It is a partnership between Arabian Television Network (ATN) and MTV Network as an effort of its global expansion strategy. This is considered a really huge market. There are mainly three issues preventing a...
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