Mtn Brand Background

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MTN Group is a South Africa-based multinational mobile telecommunications company, operating in many African and Middle Eastern countries. Its head office is in Johannesburg.[ The MTN brand has been rated as the country’s most valuable brand, according to a league table of both African and South African brands compiled by Brandirectory. It is valued at an astounding US$4.7 billion, almost double that of its nearest rivals on the continent, Vodacom, Orascom Telecom (Egypt), FNB and Standard Bank.
Serame Taukobong, chief marketing officer of MTN SA, says the hard work and concerted effort by the marketing team in ensuring that the communities in which MTN operates have a real affinity to the brand, have paid off. “In the short history of the company, the MTN brand enjoys iconic status both in South Africa and the other 20 countries in which the Group has a presence. The public relates to and interacts with the brand on various levels and this rating from Brandirectory is an Ayoba recognition of our investment in the brand.” MTN Business provides Converged Communications solutions to businesses and the public sector, and MTN Business services are available to other sectors through their Wholesale and Reseller Network. | Company Profile | MTN Business is a leading converged communications provider with presence throughout Africa, serving the corporate private and public sector. MTN Business was formed in 2009 after a series of mergers and acquisitions, and has been operating under other names and brands since 1993. MTN Business is the oldest Internet service provider in South Africa and was the first company to bring Internet to Africa.MTN Business is a tier 1 provider and owns and operates one of the most rigorously engineered IP networks in Africa.MTN Business have a diverse range of products and services designed specifically with your business needs in mind.- Internet & Email solutions

- Calling and Messaging solutions

- Network solutions


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