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Hydrop onics is the technique o f growing plants in a. nutrien t solurion with ou t the U5C of y any soil This procedu re was a tiginaD adapt ed :as a (onrroDl ble method. of nudyine;. individu..Jly or in combinat ion, the effects of dIe various minerals involved in plant nutrit ion. Although it hu ncr yet found univerul acceptance u • na ndard system of com merc ~l agriculture, h ydroponics has nume ro us "d van t,,!t'. ove r soil fuming. Am0na: these are : uni form ity of growth. higher yid ds, gluier freedom from weedJ ~d dUe••sea, marl! rapid MId sustained growth. and "villg o f time, labo r and meu . Also the balance of nut riti on al dements can be co ntrolled wi th great exa ctne ss. Mo.rijuana farmeu can exp loi t Ihis cont ro l to prod uce cert ain duin ble fu ul ts ill different 1C"8C1 of growth -Co r eaample , good height and pro fuse foliage during earl y life , then high resin content and hn tened sellual m aturity befo re harvesting . Mineral eenee el ca n 01.1 10 he UKd to influence th e pro po rti o n of female o ver male planu.

T here are numerous ways in w hich 10 buil d a gro wing table. You r choic e de ~nd slaf~ly upo n rh e volume of farming intended . Here are J, possi bilities: 1.) Fo r large scale farm ing .I design similu to th at sho wn in Illustfllion A will proYide daily circ ulati o n of t he nut rient solu tio n wi lh .I minimum of human effor t . Thil ii acco m plished wit h an elect ric pump, which can he purchased o r s.a1vaged fro m Uk au to-matic wn hing machine. Circu lati o n o f the 1OIIIIio li is im po rt anl primarily because it keeps the minerals evenly distributed th ro ughou t th e table ud fur nishes aerarion neee .. ,Slo ry to t he hn lt h of the plan ts. T he rable can he co nlt Nc ted of 1J2-inch th ick exterior plywoo d and scaled with tar , co ncrete, epollY ru in o r any suitable waletproo f!l'lf material. Do no t use zinc or galvanized metal unle " yOIl inlend t o coyer it ....ith lU i Ihelt metals Ciln be to xic to pLlnts. A pie ce o f wire mesh sho uld be filled onr the spigot hole



IllustRAtioN A.... HydROPONic. 4ROIJiN({ TAble

IllustRtio B AN
SMAll SCIIlt Hy61,Opot'\CS


~v Ito (r,.wl. ' Media.) O.e~tl.w Pipe ell~£ ~ ~~
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on the inside of the box 10 peevene sln.r pa n icles o f Tooting aggregate {ro m entering and possibly dogging or dam~ing the pump . The sprinkler heads o n two spigots help fun her to aerate the soha ion. Th e hydro ponic u ble is filled to abo ut an inch from ell" tOP with Vcrmil fSium - Abu nda nc e during early life ca uses pla nts to be talL but to o m uch will ten d 10 pro duce mo sdy ma le s. In crea sed am oun ts in la te r life st im ulal e early ma t urit y and assist in rnin produ ct io n.

Although hydroponics work s well for bo th outdoor a nd indoor grow ing . it is more likel y to be used with the la ll er . If so . the plan ts may be illum ina ted ei ther b y filt ered sunlight in a green house Or by artifi d all ight . I f you are constructing you r own green ho use do nOI usc ord inary wind ow glass- it filters 0 1,1 1 mo st of the essenti al ultr aviole t light necessary for phot o s ynthes is. Use green ho use glass. wh ich i...v..ilable from an y greenho use equi p. rnent and suppl y hou se. If you wish 10 concur your plan ts fro m the eye. of ou tsiders, co ver the inside of the gla ss with t ra nslucent pol yelh ylen e or viny l shee ting . BOil. o f these adm it rhe p rope r ligh t : polye lh ylc ne is the least e ~pensi ¥c of Ihe two . bu t vinyl iro the more durable. Th ese mue rialro rna)' he lo ca ted un der " Plast ics" in the yellow pages o f mo n ci ty tel eph one dire ct or ies o r o...
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