Mt. Ousley Pre-School's Strategic Supply Chain and Its Risk Analysis

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A. Introduction

Mt. Ousley Pre-School is owned by Mrs. Shelley Zipparo and it’s located at 3 David Crescent Fairy Meadow 2519 NSW. It was first opened in 1972 and until now has been three times changed ownership. When Shelley first bought the Pre-school in 1998, it had less than 10 children enrolled each day but now they have 22 children with numbers of children on the waiting list (Zipparo, 2010). Australian Tax Office (2010) classified Mt. Ousley Pre-School as a small business because the pre-school has only six employees (less than 20 employees) and annual turnover of $265,000 (less than $2 million). This report aims are to discuss Mt. Ousley Pre-School’s strategic supply chain and analyse the risks within it.

B. Mt. Ousley Pre-School’s Strategic Supply Chain

Basically, Mt. Ousley Pre-school’s supply chain members are local with small variety of the supply items required. There are also numbers of other companies that can be alternative suppliers for the pre-school.

1. Suppliers

The pre- school get its electricity from Integral Energy which is the second-largest energy corporation owned by the state of NSW (Electricity Providers NSW, 2010). Integral Energy was initially established to provide electricity for people in Western Sydney and Illawarra region, but for the recent years it also operates in Queensland and now they hold the licenses to provide electricity for the whole Australia regions (Integral Energy, 2010).

The pre-school use Sydney Water as its supplier to supply water to the school. Sydney Water buys its water from Sydney Catchment Authority (SCA) then treats and distributes the water through its network to their 4.3 million customers in Sydney, Illawarra and Blue Mountain region (Sydney Water, 2010).

As the Federal Government regulation mandated all child care providers to have internet access and join the Child Care Management System (CCMS), the pre-school use a software provider company named HubWorks. Hubworks is specialist in child care business and provide internet access for both child care centres and the parents as its customers (HubWorks, 2010).

The pre-school bought its electronic devices such as computer, freezer, TV, DVD set, etc from various local electronic stores. There was no specific contract for that, they bought from which had quality but cheaper prices.

For advertisement service, the pre-school use Yellow Pages and local newspaper Illawarra Mercury. Illawarra Mercury is owned by Fairfax Media, one of the Australia’s largest media companies, since Fairfax acquired the newspaper in 1969, though the paper is editorially independent (Fairfax Media, 2010).

The Illawarra Cleaning Supplies is the supplier for the cleaning products needed by the pre-school. This company has been in the business for ten years and provide a variety of cleaning products to major cleaning companies, offices, schools, hotels, etc (Illawarra Cleaning Supplies, 2010).

The property, where the school exist, belongs to Nat Zipparo, Shelley’s husband. When they first bought the school from Shelley’s mother, the property was registered in the name of Nat Zipparo (Zipparo, 2010).

Other needs such as toiletries, cutlery, spare clothes and hats for children, etc were bought from different stores and retailers. Again, there was no specific contract for the purchasing. They just bought from any stores they want.

2. Customers

The customers are mostly working parents, but there are also some non-working parents who use the child care services to give early childhood education for their children. There are also some student from overseas such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Italia and Spain. Most of the customers are local, although there are some families from other suburbs.

The children’s range of age enrolled in Mt. Ousley Pre-school...
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