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Topics: Kentucky, Sleep, Johnson County, Kentucky Pages: 3 (658 words) Published: April 2, 2013
MSUCorps accepting donations for 'Build-A-Bed' project
A bed is a luxury many people take for granted. Many children in Kentucky are living in homes without enough beds or, worse yet, none at all. While homeless shelters and various nonprofits provide goods for people when they move out, beds are often hard to come by for the working poor.

This is why Morehead State University’s Build-A-Bed program exists.

Build-A-Bed’s mission is to ensure that PK-12 school age, East Kentucky children are guaranteed a proper place to sleep in their home. It’s a simple yet profound gesture that will give needy children a better quality of life and more opportunities for a lifetime of success.

Beginning as a Kentucky AmeriCorps initiative, Build-A-Bed has been a welcome contribution to the lives of struggling families. Created by Kentucky AmeriCorps Programs in 2009, Kentucky Build-A-Bed has been providing a much needed resource for the Bluegrass State and continues to grow.

The MSUCorps Program is bringing the project closer to home. The regional effort has been a huge success since 2011 by providing more than 100 beds to East Kentucky families. This regional effort will allow people in our area to see more closely what a profound difference their efforts and donations make.

MSU Build-A-Bed aims to give these children more than just a new and comfortable place to lay their heads. Children also receive a bedtime bag including pillow, sheets, blanket, pajamas, book, night light, alarm clock and a hygiene kit. These smaller donations are just one more way to make the new bed where these children will sleep an even happier place to be and encourage a healthy bedtime routine.

MSUCorps has partnered with outreach groups including Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP), Center for Adult Education and College Access (AECA), Center for Regional Engagement (CRE), Campus Compact VISTA members, Gateway Homeless Shelter, Rowan County PVA Officer Carmen...
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