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Dated: 23rd August, 2013
M.S.Ramaiah Institute of Management
Final Year Placement Policy: 2012 – 14 Batch
Validity: 1st August, 2013 to 31st July, 2014.

Eligibility: All students passing out from all the three programs i.e. PGDM (AICTE), PGDM (AIMA) and MBA (UOM).

A. Lateral – A student with 12 months corporate work experience or more. All work experience needs to be supported by a service certificate. Students who have worked in their family business /proprietary businesses for more than 12 months will not be considered as laterals. They are welcome to mention the work experience in their profiles and resumes. They would still be considered as freshers and listed as freshers. B. Fresher – A student with less than 12 months experience or any students who has just completed his/her graduation or Post graduation other than MBA like MA / MSc / MCA etc. C. Dream Option – After getting the first offer a student is eligible for his/her second option called the Dream Option. (A student is eligible to apply only to those companies which pay a higher CTC than the first offer). A student is allowed three dream options after getting the first offer. The moment a student gets the second offer by exercising dream options he/she would be deemed out of placement. Once a student exercises the dream option the only other option available would be the Dream Company or an Unclassified company D. Dream Company – This would be decided by the Placement Cell in consultation with placement committee. A Dream company is a high profile company which has hitherto not visited the campus, which all students might aspire to apply. E.g. Google or Price Waterhouse Coopers or Boston Consulting Group. E. Unclassified Company – To encourage students to avail of opportunities in well known and branded companies which offer low starting pay (much lesser than average CTC) but have excellent and exemplary training programs; the placement cell would classify some companies as ‘Unclassified’. Unclassified companies would not come under the purview of dream option clause. Some indicative unclassified companies of last year were ITC and Coca Cola.

F. Specializations – Placement eligibility for any position depends to a large extent on specializations chosen by the student. The placement cell would validate student specializations based on the information on self, given by the student for the brochure. Students are advised to judiciously choose their specializations and confirm the same for incorporation in the placement brochure.

G. Eligibility Criteria of Companies – In the past the companies have indicated the following minimum eligibility criteria to shortlist students for the placement process: i) 60 % marks in 10th, 12th, Degree and MBA. Wherever an institute uses CGPA as an evaluation criterion, a CGPA of 6 is considered to be equivalent of 60 %. ii) No backlog in MBA.

iii) No gaps in education for more than 2 years excluding work experience. iv) All examinations in undergraduate degree should have been passed in first attempt. v) No break in academic career.

Please note it is the companies’ prerogative to specify eligibility criteria. Placement cell has no say in the matter.

H. Placement Process - Placement process commences with the sending of the resume in response to the company’s requirement as per the recruitment template, follows through the selection process specified the company, till the final offer is rolled out.

Placement Policy:
All students are eligible to attend as many interviews as they want subject to the following terms and conditions.

1. A Student can get a maximum of Two Confirmed Offers. (One + dream option assuming the dream option is converted). 2. Once a student gets the first offer he/she would be eligible only for the following options: a) A Dream Option is decided by the...
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